13 October 2006

2K, 1 Month, -5#

It's been a month since I started my "new" exercise regiment - sleep before midnight, get up at 6am, then do a 2-kilometer jog. I am happy to report that all that hard work has paid off in five pounds in lost weight. My weight has gone down from 210 pounds to 205 pounds. Yippee!

Of course, going with my attempt to favor metric over English system of measurement, I should say that my weight is 92 kilogram or 92 kg, down from 95 kg. Hmm, that's one problem with the metric system - since 1 kg is lighter than 1 pound, losing 5 pounds sounds better than losing a measly 3 kilograms, even though it's the same amount of weight.

It's not easy to get up so early. Starting in college, I was able to stay up late, usually until 1am, sometimes 2am, but getting up early is not something I can do easily. Until now. Here's hoping a month from now I'll weigh in at 89 kg...

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