11 October 2006


I haven't written about my Battle of the Bulge but it doesn't mean I gave up on it. As a matter of fact, I did have a 2K run this morning. With dawn arriving later in the day and the cold weather setting in, it does take a little more determination, but I did it. Yesterday was another story. I started to sneeze and had a stuffy nose during warm-up and decided against it. Instead, I went back to sleep, on the living room sofa.

Last week, after working from home on Wednesday, I went jogging for the 2K. Maybe because I'm used to the processed air of the office, lots of time after spending a day working at home I would get a nasty headache. I try to keep the room well ventilated, all the windows open, but sometimes the headache just comes. I try not to sit down too long, by going downstairs for lunch and by making a quick run to the public library. However, for last week, the cure for the headache was a 2K run. I ran another 2K the following morning, but then by Friday and over the weekend, I had a nasty pain in the left knee whenever the left knee is compressed, such as during kneeling or squatting. I had to take a break and by yesterday all was well again.

I went ahead and bought a pedometer, in the hope of using the little gadget to entice my son into doing more exercise. I checked out the device today. You do have to tell it your stride length for it to calculate distance. The particular device I got also does calories counting, so I also had to enter my weight. Strangely, the calories marker is label KCAL. To a computer geek like me, K means Kilo or thousands, so KCAL would translate to thousands of calories. Yet, I only walked on the treadmill for about 5 minutes and the calories burnt, supposedly, were about 8. That cannot be 8,000 calories for just 5 minutes of slow walking. It should be labeled plainly as CAL.

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