22 October 2006

Dee Dee

I've decided to also name the previous owner of Friday, which you may recall is the code name for the Windows XP desktop computer I found recently. She'll be know from now on as Dee Dee, short for Dimension Donor, since she sort of gave me her Dell Dimension computer.

Well, Dee Dee, I don't know if it's worth the problem of having your computer. On more than one occasion, I've seen the web browser, which is now Firefox, popped up without my telling it so. I don't know if it has any significance, but the web site is about hacks for the online game Battlefield 2. Also, there is a program called Smileys that persistently refused to be uninstalled. When I tried to uninstall it via Add/Remove Program, no uninstall window would pop-up but instead when I look at processes running, I would see that Smileys has started itself somehow. Last but not least, the PC somehow cannot see my brand new HP laser printer. The connection between the printer and Friday was secure, but the PC would not find it. I tested the same connection on a Windows 98 PC, also a throwaway from another neighbor, and it printed fine. Weird.

In other, more cheerful news, I went an extra lap around the park during my jog this morning. That was a 2.5-K jog. Slowly and surely, I'll have to get back to my standard of 4-mile, which is like 8-K.

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