10 October 2006

Google Gadgets

A few weeks ago Google released Google Gadgets - little programs that can be added to one's homepage. It's amazing how many gadgets are out there for the taking. All you do is go to http://www.google.com/ig/directory?synd=open , preview the many gadgets and click on the Add to your webpage button to customize the app and get the code. Customize doesn't mean 100% customization. For example, I really wanted the Dictionary.com gadget but it wouldn't fit nicely into my sidebar. I would love to be able to resize the input field of the Dictionary.com gadget, but that's not an option. Maybe I'll read about how to create gadgets and come up with my own. Also, I've found out that Blogger wouldn't let the code live inside a blog entry. The error was something about tag not allowed. For now, I'm happy with the two gadgets I've added to my sidebar - Today in History and WordWeb Online English Dictionary and Thesaurus. I picked WordWeb mostly because it can be resized to fit into my sidebar, but also because I recognize the name as that of a free dictionary program for Windows. Well, the somewhat less powerful version is free, while the Pro version is not. Visit http://wordweb.info/ for more info.

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