23 November 2006

Black Friday

I plan to do something that, in my book, is considered crazy. I will get up early, really early, like 3 a.m., to drive to a shopping mall with two nephews on my wife's side to take advantage of Black Friday sale. In past years, I don't care much about the great price drops at most stores on the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I do have a couple of things in mind that I want to buy. I've been checking around on the prices for the Kodak Z612 digital camera. I was going to get it from Staples but now my first stop will be Circuit City. We will still go to Staples, since it opens an hour later than Circuit City. Other items I plan to get are DVD burner, flash drives, blank media, and maybe a label printer. I will charge my cell phone and iPod to the max in case there'll be a long line outside the stores. What a crazy idea, eh? Losing a few hours of sleep or wasting some time on queue to save $50 or more. Or maybe for nothing. What if the stores only have a few of the advertised items? I'm sure the salesperson will "recommend" other items for higher prices. That's how they make the money. Just pulling the customers into the store and they already won half the battle. Let's see if I can control myself and not buy anything if the things I want are not available. Well, I am going to go to bed soon to catch a few precious hours of sleep...

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