12 November 2006

Veterans Day 2006

Almost every year the media laments the low turnout of spectators at Veterans Day Parade. Well, at least for this year, they cannot blame me for not being there. My brother-in-law completed his term with the Navy and is in the Navy Reserve as well as some local veteran's group in Chinatown. The group had its own parade along Mott Street in Chinatown yesterday, with colors guards, service guards, marching band, family members, and American Legion Auxiliary (women's group) at the end. I was hoping they would join the big parade on Fifth Avenue, but this would have to do. The timing was perfect, as I had the day off and went to pick up my Kid from Chinese school only a few blocks from the parade route. Next year, I'll keep better track of any re-enactments of the Battle of Brooklyn to take my son there. He likes soldiers and such and it would be good place to teach him a little bit of American history.

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