16 December 2006

175 - Priceless '06

Last month, a colleague in the office, C, entered fatherhood. On the week that the baby was predicted to arrive, day after day, nothing happened. We jokingly compared the child birth to our normal workflow. Service Level Agreement (SLA) not met! Company losing millions of dollars everyday! Escalate!

The title of the cartoon is Priceless '06 - Priceless because it was inspired by the Visa commercial and '06 is short for 2006. Way back when I first started putting the cartoon series, I used the Priceless theme in referring to the privilege of working at home. You can see that 'toon here: Priceless-03

Originally, I wanted to show the baby sucking on TWO pacifiers. C thinks it's bad for babies to use pacifier so the poor thing has none - it would be fun to give him two in the cartoon. I actually have a photo of my son doing that, back when he still needed pacifier. Somehow the pacifier I drew didn't come out right, so I opted for a large milk bottle, because I overheard another colleague, Purple, saying that C's son was drinking more and more milk everyday.

C is the best chess player in the group so I threw in a few chess pieces in case no one recognizes his "portrait". Three out of four people who saw the portrait today knew it was C, so that's a good thing.

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