26 December 2006

Kodak Z612

I have been playing around with my new digital camera, the Kodak Z612. I got my first digicam some time in 2001 and it was not the top of the line of the time - a measly 2.2 megapixel was all it had. Not that megapixel means too much for me, as megapixel is only an indication of how large the photos can be enlarged without losing quality. Even 2.2 megapixel translates to 8.5" x 11", so really 2.2 is quite enough. Therefore, I didn't get the Kodak Z612 for its 6.1 megapixel size. Instead, it was the battery use (high-capacity rechargeable Lithium-Ion instead of landfill-choking AA), 12x optical zoom, and video recording feature that got me interested. With the old digicam, I really hated the frequent change of batteries. I tried to use rechargeable AA batteries, but it was such a hassle to have to recharge them so quickly. Instead of using the LCD viewfinder, I had to squint through the regular viewfinder because using the LCD drains the batteries very quickly. I didn't bother mentioning digital zoom because it's next to useless. Sure you can zoom digitally from some distance, but the resulting image would be jaggied or darkened. Lastly, the ability to record and press just a few buttons to review the new recording is such a major convenience. I have a miniDV camcorder but the hassle of rewinding and forwarding is such a pain I haven't used it much. Besides, it's somewhat bulky even for its small size and takes some time to be up and ready. Same thing with the old digicam. Turn it on and I would have to wait a few precious seconds while the device reads the memory card. Not so with the new Z612. With a 2-GB SD memory card added, I plan to use the Z612 as a camcorder whenever the chance comes up. Naturally, I already recorded three clips of my son in his usual animated status. YouTube anyone?

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