16 January 2007

Harry Potter Completed

Last week I finished reading all the Harry Potter books in print and started anew with the movies. Though the movies are pretty good versions of the books, certain parts of the book had to be left out of the movie, maybe because of insufficient time. For instance, in the movie version of Sorcerer's Stone, nothing was mentioned about the bad feelings Snape had for James Potter, Harry's father. Then in the second movie, when Harry traveled by Floo Powder for the first time, he didn't have to hide from Lucius Malfoy when Malfoy entered the seedy shop that Harry had accidentally traveled into, all because he said diagonally instead of Diagon Alley.

With episodes about teenagers discovering the opposite sex, the book series definitely caters to the young readers. What I couldn't help noticing is the parallel between Adolf Hitler and the main villain Lord Voldemort. Voldemort's agenda is to clean the wizard world of all those who are not pure blood, derisively known as Mudblood. Interestingly, Voldemort himself isn't that pure, as only his mother was a witch, whereas his father was just a Muggle, or a non-magic person. Just like Hitler with his short statute and non-blond hair. Had I not know the author to be an English person, I would think she was referring the early United States of America, where people of all races were given equal chance of succeeding in life, well, theoretically anyway. Of course, nowadays, it would be political incorrect to put down any minority groups, so it sure cannot hurt to praise the melting pot every now and then.

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