31 January 2007

Hasta La Vista, Baby!

From the Non-Existent News Department: "In a scene too similar to that of the PS3 release, long lines went around the block outside the local Best Buy stores - these people really wanted to be among the first to buy Windows Vista! Once the stores opened, copies of Vista went flying off the shelf and fights soon erupted in a few places..."; "On YouTube, the video clip titled 'See Me Smash My Vista' had a million hits five minutes after it was posted..."; "In China, the file-sharing network Mien-Fei had to be taken down after downloaders eager to get their free copy of a hacked version of Vista overwhelmed the site..."

Yeah, right.

Just the exact opposite happened. Only a few diehard Windoze geeks wasted their time at the midnight release of Windows Vista. The photo accompanying the Yahoo!News article about the release amused me - it showed a Chinese lion dance on stage at some release party. Vista was so bad that even if Microsoft purposely leaked out an unprotected copy of it for the Chinese pirates to pass around, it wouldn't go anywhere.

In other Windows-related news, my work laptop has decided to take a break from working. It would not completely load the desktop. The system tray only had the one VNC Server icon and the time of day - good to know it still cared enough to give me the time of day. Some icons on the desktop wouldn't show and one had a generic icon, meaning it for some reason couldn't find its source file. The Start button wouldn't respond so initially I would keep powering it off, in short, rudely killing it off. Upon booting up, it again went into the same cycle and got stuck with a non-responsive and incomplete desktop again. Somehow I thought of issuing Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the Windows Security window and chose Shutdown from there. Only then would the computer properly load the desktop. Sheesh, any average computer user would know that's another way to shut down a computer, right?

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