23 January 2007

iPod Fast Forward

Some time ago, I started to appreciate podcasts but also lamented the iPod's apparent lack of a way to fast forward or rewind, so to speak. While anything is played, podcast or music, it seemed the scroll wheel is used only for adjusting the volume. Or so I thought. One day, by pure luck, I accidentally pressed the center button, i.e. the hub of the scroll wheel. Instead of the volume indicator, which "fills up" from the left as the volume is louder, I saw a little diamond symbol riding a white horizontal bar. Rotate the scroll wheel and the diamond moves left or right accordingly, taking me to different positions within the podcast. So that's how you would fast forward and rewind an audio digital piece on the iPod! I am pretty sure the technique is mentioned somewhere in the iPod user's manual, if there is such a thing, but it's a lot more interesting to learn it by chance, especially when the need is at hand.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I was not sure if we could fast forward until I saw your post!

  2. Bless you stranger, for I have grinned!"