23 February 2007

Knock Knock

My son J recently became interested in telling knock-knock jokes. He might have been exposed to this joke genre from one of those tiny joke books that sometimes come with some kids' meal - I think Wendy's had them for a week a long time ago. What's interesting is J get s the concept of the joke, even if he probably doesn't know what a punch line is. He knows that you always start by saying "Knock knock" then the other party would say "Who's there?" He would next say a word to which the other person repeats the word, attaches "who" to it, and inflect the tone to make a question. J would then throw out the punch line. For example:

J: Knock knock
Other Kid: Who's there?
J: Anita
OK: Anita who?
J: Anita go to the bathroom bad, hurry up and open the door.

Most of J's cousins, a year or more older than him, don't grasp the concept and would make up nonsensical punch lines, much to J's frustration.

I try to help J along with his new-founded interest. I'm much of a punster myself so I am very happy to see J being interested in the English language from this fun-filled angle. Sometimes I have to teach J new phrases so he can better appreciate the pun. Below is just a short table I compiled for J.

Knocker Sounds Like Four Eggsample
Anita I
need to
need to go to the bathroom...
Boohoo Boo
Who?/Boohoo, stop crying!
Doris Door
is locked...
Dozen Doesn't Dozen/Doesn't
anyone want to...?
Jose Oh
Say Can You See?
Orange Aren't Orange/Aren't
you supposed to...?
Owen Open Owen/Open
the door!
Police Please Police/Please
do this or that...
Radio Ready Radio/Ready
or not, here I come!
Sharon Sharing Sharon/Sharing
is caring.

As a bonus, check out an old cartoon from way back in the year 2004. I had much help from my colleagues. Canoe/Can you and Venice/Where is are not hard to figure out, but 'SHowie and So How We is a rather contrived pair, but we all had fun putting the 'toon together.

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  1. Linus, Thanks for sharing this entry about J. Here is one from me - knock knock ... who is there? ... olivia ... olivia who? ... olivia (I love) J very much :)
    This is my best joke :)
    Olivia from St. Louis