26 March 2007

China Vacation

In a few days, I'll be going on vacation with the in-laws to their home village, then to Hainan Islands and Hong Kong. Ho hum. Been there, done that. Granted it was more than ten years ago that I last visited China and Hong Kong, but I don't expect much difference. Originally, I was hoping I would go to Shanghai but in the end it turned out we won't have enough time. Hopefully, the trip will be an eye-opener for my son. It'll be his first trip to a non-Western world.

In my mind, China is still that Evil Empire communist country where the government crushes its citizens. Where corruption and bribery are standard fare. Where intellectual properties don't mean anything. Where ripoff and poor imitation of great designs are made. I guess despite what my late father's attempt in ingraining in our mind all the great things about being Chinese, I've spent too many years growing up in the U.S. to have any positive feelings toward China the country.

I don't look forward to the long flight half-way around the world, the constant bargaining charade to go through whenever we have to buy things on our own. To be fair, bargaining was required in most non-mall stores in Cancun, Mexico, too. Oh, well, I'll do it for the Kid.

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