28 March 2007

Fun Pack

I'm mostly packed for my trip. Actually, that should be "my wife already packed all the essential stuff, like clothes, hygiene items, and medicines." The things that I like to pack are what I call fun stuff. Things to keep the kids, perhaps myself, entertained during all the dead time, e.g. in flight, waiting at the mall for the women to go shopping, etc.

Cathay Pacific has personal TV in every seat, so that will help provide plenty of in-flight entertainment. Originally, I was going to buy an airline adapter to power my portable DVD player, but now that won't be necessary, I hope. Other things that I definitely will bring are:

  • crayons
  • markers for use on paper
  • dry erase boards and markers
  • paper for drawing
  • iPod with Y-splitter and two sets of earphones
  • novel - I swiped a thick novel off my colleague's personal sci-fi library in the office. I should send him a note...
  • Flushed Away and Happy Feet DVDs, mostly to be used during some down time in China or HK. I keep the receipt in my wallet in case Chinese authorities suspect the discs are illegal copies...
Other things to bring:
  • adapter to use China wall electrical sockets
  • extension cable to convert one outlet to three - wonder if the voltage difference will matter...
  • charger for iPod
  • charge for cell phone - supposedly my cell phone won't work in China and at some steep roaming price in HK, but I heard that I can buy a SIM card in HK and swap mine out to make local calls. Interesting concept.
  • dental floss
  • extra AAA batteries for my ancient Handspring PDA
  • digital camera with extra battery and memory card
  • Besta Chinese electronic dictionary - hey, it might be useful in reading street signs somewhere in China or HK.
I'm sure there are other things I want to bring, but I am sure I'll think of them just as I head out the door...

1 comment:

  1. Hope you will have a safe and enjoyable trip. Thanks for the tips about packing :)
    If we were in China, museum, historical places and as many government offices as we are allowed to visit would be on my lists to do, definitely not shopping malls.
    See you later,
    Your Big sister in St. Louis