16 March 2007

Irish Heart

My mother is very good with making food. She occasionally would tell the story about her not knowing how to cook until after she got married and went to live my father's family.

She has a knack for learning about food making easily. If she sees something she likes, she would ask about it. Even if the person only shares the recipe in some vague terms, she still can come up with the product. Sometimes she would improvise and substitutes materials to come out with something better. I have never cooked in my life, unless your count cooking rice, so I cannot describe how she does her things. All I can say is I'm lucky to have her around to make all the delicious food. Even when she experiments with something new and the result isn't quite what it's supposed to be, I still wolf them down.

She saw some contest sponsored by Nestle that only requires the use of their condensed milk, supposedly from their subsidiary Carnation. Mother made the heart-shaped pudding above as one of the many items she will send pictures in.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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