15 March 2007

NYC Auxiliary Police

I don't recall ever mentioning news articles in my blog, but a recent event changes my style. All over the news this morning was the killing of two NYPD Auxiliary Police Officers in Greenwich Village. Some guy, supposedly angry over a friend's job termination at a restaurant, visited the restaurant and killed the bartender. When he was followed by the two auxiliary policeman, he turned around and killed them too.

I recall one time in high school, perhaps in the junior or senior year, I took Criminal Laws and the class had a visit from the local auxiliary police force. At that presentation, I learned that the auxiliary police are just unarmed volunteers. They even have to pay for their own uniforms. They may be trained in basic self-defense but mostly serve as eyes and ears for the regular force. The theory is that having a police presence, even unarmed, can deter crimes. They get to drive police cruisers and I don't know what else they get out of it, but they can certainly get killed in the line of duty, just like what happened yesterday. I love doing volunteer work, but I must say the auxiliary police must be volunteering in the extreme.

R.I.P., NYC Auxiliary Police Officers Eugene Marshalik and Nicholas Todd Pekearo.

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