17 March 2007

Winter Fun

Every time it snows heavily, adults would groan about having to shovel the sidewalk and dig out the cars, but to the kids it's fun time! It snowed good last night and while there wasn't enough to make a snowman, I gathered enough snow to cover the backyard steps and turned it into a slide. Last time it snowed heavily, J enjoyed sliding on the saucer sled in the backyard ice "pond". My backyard is tiny and the horizontal skid was just a few feet in distance, but it was still very enjoyable to J. This time the slide provides enough momentum for a fun downhill ride of a few more feet. I made sure there was a small path on the side for J to go up. Then I instructed him to either crawl into the saucer sled or sit back into it, never stand on it. One of the few things I learned out of engineering school is that safety is a very important factor in many things. A few friends of J in the neighborhood joined the fun and cheered each other on as they took turn going down the ice ramp. I was about six feet from the foot of the ramp to deflect the sled to the side lest it collides with the shack. A good time was had by all!

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