25 March 2007


create your own visited country map

I like to use Blogger's Next Blog button to randomly visit other blogs. They have done a good job of cleansing blogosphere of splogs (fake blogs that are really spams web sites). One blog I happened upon showed a map of the world with the countries the blog writer had visited. The service came from World66.com, linked in the title of this blog. Just check the boxes corresponding to the countries you have visited and generate the map with the click of a button. There are also sections just for European countries, U.S. States, and Canadian provinces.

Not much of a world traveler, I visited only 12 countries or a meager 5% of the world. I did not counting Belgium and Japan, since I was in those two countries only for connecting flights. I was born in Vietnam so there's no surprise there. I left Vietnam for the open sea and spent a few months in refugee camp in Indonesia. It was no Club Med, but still it was an extensive stay. Then I was in Singapore for a few weeks to catch a flight to the U.S. of A. Some years later I visited Canada, China, and Hong Kong, on different occasions. Fast forward a few years, and I happened to work for a travel company as its sole techie person. I got to travel with the president of the company to London, England for a meeting, after which, on my own time, I took the train through the Chunnel to Paris, France. On another trip, we went to Milan, Italy and Frankfurt, Germany. A few months after that, another business-related trip followed but this time I got stuck in the underbelly of Chennai, India, aka Madras. I was supposed to check up on the progress, or the lack thereof, of some software house that was developing for said travel company. My world travel pretty much ended with honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. Sure I went back to Canada, but as the saying goes, been there done that.

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