22 April 2007

America the Green

Just in time for Earth Day, I recently subscribed to America the Green (ATG) podcast, with Carolyn Parrs, Irv Weinberg, and John Biethan. I figured I can't claim to be environmentally concerned without being regularly informed myself. The mainstream media can only cover so much environmental issues. I need to know more about the green issues and podcasts, for me, is the best way to go.

The first podcast of ATG I happened to listen, Saying I Do To A Green Wedding, was interesting but doesn't apply to me. It was educational and interesting nevertheless, with topics about farm raised seafood, conflict-free diamonds, biodiesel transportation, etc. Yet the second podcast that I came across, Rethinking Recycling with Justin Stockdale, was where I learned something both disheartening and fascinating. Mr. Stockdale told the listeners that landfills are made to ensure their contents don't decompose. The trash in the landfill is kept dry so that they don't decompose much. No decomposition means no liquid coming out of the trash, no chance of leakage into the landfill's surrounding. Likewise, less smell comes out of the landfills as a result of no decomposition. Supposedly, there was a case of a newspaper found in a landfill that's still readable. So much for bio-degradable diapers, too. If those Pampers end up in a landfill, the sh!t won't go anywhere!

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