08 April 2007

China Trip

I finally found a few quiet moments to compose a second blog entry while on vacation. I see that there is one comment to the first entry, but viewing it is equivalent to previewing the blog, which is filtered out by the China Firewall. I'll just have to wait until I am outside the Firewall, or back in the U.S. of A. On second thought, I am able to see the comment as an email message in my Gmail inbox.

This trip so far is mostly an oblication, just a word I made up - a combination of obligation and vacation. The trip started out in the inlaw's home village and everything was for meeting all those relatives on the wife's side. No fun there, although I probably have some new faces for the extended family tree I maintain. Also, there's plenty of materials for future blog entries. In no particular orders, I can see future entries on the following topics:

  • bullshit, the real type that comes out of the bull, not those found in politics or some corporate offices
  • indoor plumbing with exposed pipes
  • squat toilets
  • Internet access
  • rural landscape
  • community life
  • Hainan tourism
  • homesickness

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