05 May 2007

182 - Last One Out

I just had my first vacation for the year. My rule of thumb for vacation days is use them as vacation days and not exchange them for money. When the vacation day is taken, you can do whatever you want the whole day, it's all yours. When you get money for it, Uncle Sam will take a chunk out of it. So, in case I get axed later in the year, I want to make sure all my vacation days already used by then.

It is now time to actively search for another job. In a somewhat of a surprising move, a colleague who one time was my group's manager, but have since moved to another department, found a job elsewhere. In the same week, a handful of people finally had their 60-day notice caught up with them. There were long farewells here and there, luncheon, drinks after work, the usual thing. The sad thing is there will be more of those.

Because of the rotten egg phrase, I decided to portray the hapless office workers as eggs being pursued by a steam roller. I thought of Catbert the Evil HR Director as being behind the steering wheel of the roller. Some eggs already got caught by the Mumbai job loss, or Mumbified (just a word I made up), while other with many years with the firm just sitting tight to wait for the generous severance. The two eggs on the foregrounds are looking for jobs, one still shooting out resumes while the other one agreed to take up a janitor job.

I've contacted a few headhunters and signed up with one job site. I need to re-visit my dormant profiles in Monster.com and HotJobs.com to update them. I keep seeing ads for Dice.com so that might be worth a visit. My backup contact keeps telling me that he doesn't want to carry my load if I leave before him. Too bad, may the best man win. I would love to stay at this job longer, but with impending doom and gloom, on top of my salary freeze, there is no future for me here. Let the race begin and the last one out of here is a rotten egg!

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