02 May 2007

Be All You Can Be

I have finally started my search for a new job. One headhunter contact already told me that he rarely got positions for LAN Account Admins, so there is little hope with him. Another hunter I got in touch through my sister V is not in the I.T. field, but she had graciously put me in touch with three others in the area. Hope something will come to fruition.

I signed up with NYCJobZone.com through a banner ad on NY1.com. I'm not ready to leave New York City, much as I hate its crowded streets I might as well limit my scope to the city. Strangely, the first email notice I got from NYCJobZone.com is all about... the U.S. Army! The first position was titled musician, the second was Security Position, third was Officer, and the last was... SOLDIER! Perhaps because I mentioned network security in my resume, NYCJobZone got it mixed up with physical security. I don't think the Army wants someone in their late 30s standing guard of an ammo dump or other sensitive locations. I'm in no shape for boot camp or to become a killing machine. Oh well, let me just, uh, soldier on with my job search...

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