27 January 2008

Lost-and-Found Works

Lost-and-Found centers really works, believe it! If you ever lose something and suspect or know where you lost it, go back to the place and ask. Just the other day, after visiting the public library in Chinatown, out on the street I felt the strong wind blowing over my uncovered head. I was sure I had a hat with me getting out of the house, but I also thought I left the hat at the music studio where Son was taking his gu-zheng lesson. Still, I went back to the library and traced my way but no dice. Back at the studio, there was no hat to be found, so back to the library I went. I asked the library person at the return counter and he asked around. They had this paper box for the various items people lost in the library. Sure enough, the lady who checked the materials out for me earlier knew where it was. It was not a brand new hat but it had the flaps for the ears. Talk about "Seek and Ye Shall Find"!

Some weeks ago Son lost two sweaters. Somehow one of his friends had the sweater. The other one I found after rummaging through the school's Lost-and-Found box. Interestingly, the Lost-and-Found box used to be in the school's main office, but perhaps because there were too many items, the two boxes were re-located to the cafeteria. When I was going through them, there were even uneaten sandwiches and a fruit or two.

Son managed to also lose a glove shortly afterward and I told him to look for it in the L-n-F. He attends an after-school program and spends some time in the cafeteria. He never bothered to look. One Friday after dropping him at the Boy Scouts meeting, which is also at the same school, I took a quick look through the L-n-F. Sure enough, the lone single glove was there.

Lost-and-Found works, believe it!

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