26 February 2008

The Good Apple

When I paid for the January 2008 software update for the iPod touch through iTunes, it didn't work as expected. Usually when I bought songs and such through the iTunes music store, I can see almost instantly that the items are downloaded. With the software update, nothing seemed to happen and I was put back at the beginning. Unwittingly, I clicked the button to kick off the software update again, and this time, it seemed, the update started to happen. I was afraid that I would get charged twice. When I received confirmation email from Apple, the two references to the software update had the same reference number. I figured some human being caught the double-charge and corrected the dumb computer program.

When my credit card bill arrived, lo and behold I was indeed charged twice. I dreaded calling customer service, whether for the credit card company or Apple. I decided to contact Apple by email first. I explained that I was not happy that I got charged for the software update even though I just got the touch in December. Naturally, I was doubly upset that I got charged twice. Adding insult to injury, no? Fortunately, an Apple rep wrote back informing me that not only she gave me credit for the extra charge, she also gave me five free songs on the online music store. Whoopee! It is my first instance of dealing with Apple customer service and they sure did the right thing for me. I blew all five song credits on "Weird Al" Yankovic.

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