09 February 2008


I have been a regular user of public library ever since I found out about it. Living in Brooklyn, by default I frequent the local branches of the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL). When I started to work at home every week, I visit the library even more often, sometimes three times a week, if not to pick up reserved items then just to get out of the house for a while.

Since I started taking my Son to music class in Chinatown, I also go to the New York Public Library (NYPL) branches in the area. The materials available for borrowing are not too different from the BPL's. There are books, DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, graphic novels, Wi-Fi Internet access, etc. just like in Brooklyn. The difference is that NYPL, I don't know since when, has console games. While it's true that NYPL has always had CD-ROMs for Windows PCs, I never had any interests in them. They are mostly kiddie games and, besides, I don't use PCs much at home unless I am working. But now that I have a Nintendo Wii, I am very interested in what the library has to offer.

The first time I saw console games in an NYPL branch it was in the Chatham Branch. Chatham is in the heart of Chinatown and is always crowded, so it was no surprise that there were only one Wii game available. There were some Xbox and Sega games, too. A few weeks later I visited the relatively new Mulberry Branch, further north near Houston Street. I picked up Super Mario Galaxy and The Bee Movie games, two being the limit per library card. Alas, when I tried to return the games, I picked up my own game, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic! Oh well, I will have to return it late on Monday. The good thing is I got the Hot Wheels Wii game. It is one of the games my Son wants, but I am pretty sure he would never get too far with the game. Borrowing from the library is the best way to go. Only if my Son gets really far with the library's copy will I buy the game.

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