16 February 2008

Ringtones Ring True

I've been playing around with the ringtones on my Razr. Unlike the iPhone, I don't have to pay extra to use any songs on the phone as ringtones. I was lazy and didn't trim the songs to have just the pertinent lines, but here goes...
  • general incoming call: Call Me, by Blondie. Of course! It has to be!
  • voice mail: Message In A Bottle, by The Police.
  • calendar alarm: There's Always Something There To Remind Me, by Naked Eyes.
  • text message alert: I've Gotta Get A Message To You, by The Bee Gees. Granted this Bee Gees tune can be used for voice mail too, but I don't get that much text message so best to have this tune for it. The idea of death isn't something to be reminded of too often.
  • calls from my Mom: Mamma Mia, by ABBA. Mother by The Police may be a better choice, but it's one of the few Police songs that I hate, so no thanks.
  • calls from home: 那裡是吾家? (Where Is Home?), by Sam Hui (許冠傑). Maybe in a few months I will change it to Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel...
  • calls from my boss: Trap (Platypus Boss 1), by Ben Daglish. Not that my boss has anything to do with traps, just that the tune is played in the game Platypus at the end of Level 1, where you have to defeat the boss to advance further. In video games, the boss level is where you have to defeat some character who can take more than the usual one or two shots to succumb.
  • calls from the Wife: Life Made Simple, by Jessica Hsuan and Roger Kwok. The song is the theme song of the Chinese soap opera by the same name, or 阿旺新傳 in Chinese. The show is about a mentally retarded man who thinks his childhood female playmate is his wife, or something like that. Sometimes my Wife must think I am crazy not to be dishonest whenever the chances appear.
Some day when my Son has his own cell phone, I will no doubt have John Lennon's Beautiful Boy as his ringtone. Aah, let's hope that day won't arrive any time soon. The teenage years, I get a headache just thinking about them...

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