07 February 2008


Ever since I became a Naruto fan, I have thought of incorporating Naruto into one of my cartoon. No such cartoon has been made yet, but today I found an interesting store sign that I just had to snap. Right here in beautiful Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, there is a place where you can get your 1040 or 1099 tax form completed AND learn a new jutsu or two! I heard that the new tennai-denai-jutsu is pretty powerful and can make money grow on trees.

In the Naruto universe, chakra is the life energy that can be used for almost anything, such as making illusion, creating clones of oneself, or transporting objects to another dimension! Personally, I am not that much interested in balancing my chakras. I much prefer collect it into a ball to throw at my opponent.

Of course, if you do a quick research in Wikipedia, you would learn that, outside of the Naruto universe, chakra is more popularly linked to holistic health. I am sure this is what the CPA offers here, in addition to ledger-balancing.

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