03 February 2008

Yahoo!Games Daily Crosswords

It is interesting how one's opinion on a subject can be changed after one actually becomes more familiar with the subject. Some time ago when I was looking for software on the Mac to create crossword puzzles, in no time I came across online crosswords. I thought, "Why would anyone want to play crosswords online?" I thought of crosswords as something one do while waiting for the train or while commuting, just to while away the time. Usually you would not have a computer with you, so the idea of playing crosswords online just did not appeal to me.

Just a few weeks ago, the release of Flip Words 2 got me interested in computer word games all over again. At the end of the 60-minute demo, I wanted to play more word games. One game after another, I ended up at Yahoo!Games Daily Crosswords. It's just like your everyday newspaper puzzle that is not too hard. I play the standard level and the answers are just clicks away. Of course it is no fun if you use it too much, but there are times when, while doing the physical newspaper puzzle, I simply couldn't get it right. One disadvantage of not working in the office five days a week like most office grunts is that I don't get to pick up AM New York newspaper everyday. The Wife picks them up from time to time, but not always. Thus, a few times I would do most of the puzzle but simply did not know the very last answer because I would not have the next day's papers. With the online game, all that is history.

One thing I like about playing the daily game is that even if you are really hooked on it, there is only one game you can play per day. Getting hooked on other computer games may mean hours wasted trying to go past a certain level. Not so with the Yahoo! Daily Games. Of course, if I find myself waiting for the clock to strike midnight just to play a new game, then I will seek counseling right away...

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  1. I love word games in general, especially at kings.com. I play them everyday, am even scared that i might be addicted to it but i don't even want to stop. Thanks for posting this because am going to start the yahoo crossword games...i like puzzles

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