09 March 2008

Demand Jonathan Coulton

Even though I don't like every single song by Jonathan Coulton, I thought of seeing him perform live! That's unusual for me, as I normally cannot stand crowds and noisy places. I rarely go to concerts. I went to a few by Hong Kong superstars but I don't recall anything memorable about them. The long trip to Atlantic City, sitting too close to the stage, maybe the odd hours. But here I am, trying to find out when Brooklyn's own musical prodigal son will perform at home. I guess I get into the game too late. JoCo used to do shows with John Hodgman (of the Get A Mac commercial) in Williamsburg. That's Williamsburg in Brooklyn, the area where you are in if you take the Williamsburg Bridge from Delancey Street into Brooklyn, with all the Hasidic Jews. I am not done reading all of JoCo's blog entries, but I wouldn't be surprised if he used to perform at some small venues in NYC. I just added the Eventful Demand JoCo to the sidebar. If you like his music, Demand JoCo for your city!

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