11 March 2008

That Syncing Feeling

I took another step toward replacing my PDA. Out will be the Visor Deluxe and In will be the iPod touch. Apple's iSync software has been around for a long time but I never bothered to use it. I finally gave it a try. After a few adjustments here and there, I can sync the Visor's Address Book etc. to Apple's Address Book on the Mac. From there I would use iTunes to sync the Address Book to the iPod touch, along with the usual music and photos. Back when I first had the touch, I imported my Contact List from my Yahoo!Mail account. Combining three sources of info - Visor Address Book, Apple Address Book, and Yahoo!Mail Contact List - into one no doubt yielded many duplicates. I now have to slowly clean up the big list. To make things more interesting, I am also going through an old cell phone to make sure whatever I have there is transferred into the touch. The cell phone is too beat-up to donate at Staples but I plan to recycle it someday, better not to have any contacts info left in it.

As I go through the contacts list, I occasionally come across names that totally elude my memory. It is amazing how the brain totally loses things. All these names-numbers pair don't have anything else, so I have no idea who those people are. It would be fun if I call them up and try to rekindle the relationship. Maybe I will Google those people first...

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