02 April 2008

DS I Love You

Nintendo sure has the gaming market in a good grip. In the console area, there's the Nintendo Wii, not enough to go around after all these times being on the market. I've heard about the handheld device Nintendo DS but recently actually used one, albeit just for chatting. All four young nephew and nieces living near me have one, my Son is the only one not having. I thought he would make a big fuss about it, 人有我有, or "People have it and I have it, too" in Chinese, but so far he hasn't bugged us constantly about it. The Wife and I promised Son that he would get his own Nintendo DS for his birthday, if he behaves that is. Poor kid was so miserable when we went on a bus ride to Atlantic City to a musical concert. His cousins ignored his constant pleading for a long time. Kids sure can be cruel sometimes.

Out of the box the DS can find each other and the device owners can chat and share drawings over WiFi. Neat! There are multi-player games that seem to open up to all nearby devices, at least it seemed to me. Some of the kids already have some memory cards that are loaded with "free" games. Apparently there is no copy protection on these games. When my Son got his DS, maybe I'll look into how all that works.

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