01 April 2008

Robber Bank?

I have to go through my snail mail more often. The other day the Wife had a day off and went through the pile. She found a letter from my bank that read something like this:

Dear schmuck,

We have noticed that your CD account is dormant. You have 21 days from the date of this letter to re-certify it. If not, we will turn the $4,321 to the government. It's a state law, you nincompoop!

Really, other than the name-callings I inserted, that's the gist of it. My first reaction was, "Great, this must be some convenient offshoot of some anti-terrorism or anti-laundering law." I immediately checked with the bank and they showed me that the CD account was under no threat of being forfeited, even though it was a few past the 21-day deadline. Good for them, because I was going to wage a mini-war on the bank by closing all my accounts and make this as big a stink as possible.

The CD account was opened when my Son was born and I've been letting it auto-renew every time it matured. Isn't that enough of activity? Some months ago my savings account was frozen for inactivity but I don't recall any difficulty unfreezing it. Some services the banks do for their customers these days. Before any of these actions were to happen, they should not just do so without any feedbacks from the customer. One lousy letter isn't enough. They must call or maybe even visit the poor customer. Our state government doesn't seem to be of much help here. Don't I pay enough taxes already? I might as well keep them doughs under the mattress.

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