23 July 2008

Lone Gunman

Before I start chronicling Lone Gunman's road to a simpler life, a belated introduction and explanation is in order.

LG and I used to work in the same department in different cities. He was the sole representative of my extended group in the city of Dallas. A history buff, I easily associated his being the lone rep with the theory of a Lone Gunman doing all the work of killing President Kennedy. No mafia, no CIA, no Cuba, no Marilyn Monroe, just some crazy ex-Marine who decided to put his marksman skill to test. As Jonathan Coulton put it, just a magic bullet did the job. LG didn't mind the moniker and started to use it whenever he commented on this blog. It may have helped that I was always helpful with the various projects he was working on. Got fifty users to update their home paths? No problem, here's a KiX script. Need to set permission for a hundred users' home folders? This other KiX script will take care of it. The scripts are single-purpose and DOS-based, no fancy GUI, but they do the job, and always get produced on the fly, as needed, within hours. He appreciates my scripts and I appreciate his comment on the blog, his readership, and the beliefs he has.

LG is interested in Peak Oil, parenting, the environment (he's mostly a non-meat person), and of course voluntary simplicity. In the next few entries, perhaps months or years, we'll find out how successful he is with reaching for the simpler life.


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Thank you for the introduction Qaptain! Hello other 4 readers! The Qaptain has been instrumental in my success at Moneybags Express were we both work. I have used and abused him so many times over the years its embarrassing. I started reading his blog to discover the real Qaptain, not the boring strait laced image he portrays at work, but the wild man he really is!

    This past year I have moved several times and each time we moved we got rid of more worldly goods. Eventually you start to realize how much money you spend on crap.

    I really don’t need that light up moose in the attic for Christmas, or the how to strip for your husband record that I thought was so funny. (wife didn’t think it was funny)

    So after much reading on the internet on various other simplicity blogs, we have decided to get rid of anything that does not add value to our lives. If we don’t use it or really, really need it, its outa here! I will send a few pics of my boring worldly goods we are disposing of to the Qaptain to post for your enjoyment..

    - Lone Gunman

  2. Hello Qaptain, Please don't leave your Adoring Fans waiting for more posting. Look forward to reading about your summer days.
    One of your Faithful Readers - the One from St. Louis, Missouri :)