14 August 2008

First Home in the U.S.

Not content to just put up a bunch of photos of my old home in the Bronx that I scanned in with the relatively new Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M, I've mapped them out below.


I suggest zooming in all the way to see the photos at their most approximate locations. To avoid covering the street names, I sometimes put the photos a bit off their exact spots.

Each photo has a nugget of recollection of my early life in the U.S., but you will need to see the photos in their full size to be able to read the text. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Nice architectural details on Devoe Terrace....

    - L G

  2. It was so great seeing all the photos from our first home. Thanks Qap for posting the photos and the descriptions were much needed, helped me to remember where all the buildings were since in my old age I have forgotten a lot, 30 years later.
    Look forward to seeing more photos.
    Your Adoring Fan/Big Sister in St. Louis