08 August 2008

Survival of the Fittest?

So I am addicted to Wordscraper Blitz. It is the perfect answer to the problem of not having an opponent. Any time of the day, there's always someone playing. So far I have limited my activities in the Restobar room, just because its name does not sound as intimidating as Blitz Masters or Bingo Boomers. I am not that good at it, even though in a group of 20 or more, I am usually in the top ten or even top five. Three times I even won the coveted #1 spot. But enough with Wordscraper Blitz. I've promised myself that if I behave and keep up with my blog, do my ATPM review, vacuum the second floor, eat my veggies, etc. then I can have a few rounds of Blitz. So here goes what's happening with the Lone Gunman and his quest for V.S., which is no B.S. ...

So far this year, LG has given away:
  • 9-foot solid wood antique "barn door" table to Humane Society
  • 2 office chairs
  • flat-screen monitor
  • big wood-framed Ralph Lauren Esq mirror

He is also down to
  • 4 business shirts
  • 3 pair of pants
  • 3 jeans
  • 4 T-shirts
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 4 boxers
  • some winter clothes
LG is also very much into the idea of Peak Oil. The theory goes: there is only so much oil in the earth, eventually there won't be any left, at which point society will break down and we all go back to some farm life. Entirely plausible. To that end, LG sold whatever vehicles he got and now drives a Honda Fit. I am never much into cars and did not know what a Fit looks like. One day I finally Googled it and the next day I saw one in my neighborhood, at the park where I make my almost daily 3K morning jog. It is a small car for LG's family, but he is making do with it. More power to you, Lone Gunman!

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  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Hey Qaptain,

    Survival of the fittest is an interesting title for your subject today. May I add my own thought, maybe it will be "Survival of the smallest" or "Survival of the most efficient" I always say the future is small when it comes to houses,cars and our outsized American lifestyle.

    I simplify my lifestyle not because I am a religious nut and I need to cleanse myself from worldly trappings, however that's a very noble cause. I see things getting more and more expensive and life getting tougher for myself and the average person. If I don't need money, then I am a stronger person financially and spiritually.

    Here is a scenario for you:

    Green Gunman lives in a very small house and drives a very small car. his family is cramped at times, but they live in a beautiful area have good food and are able to heat and cool there house and car.

    Greedy Gunman his cousin lives in a huge house and drives a huge SUV. He deserves it he tells himself. No need to cramp his family of four, life is good.

    Well over time the price of energy slowly goes up and up. Green Gunman's life doesn't change much since he has a smaller footprint to heat cool drive ect. It hurts a little, but not much.

    Greedy Gunman is starting to wonder what is going on in the world, his palace now costs 400-500 dollars a month to heat or cool and the SUV cost so much to take anywhere that he tells the kids no more extracurricular activities. We need to save Gas!

    Green Gunman's life doesn't really change much, they go on trips, go to the park ect. the car is small but they are cool in the summer since they have an air-conditioner in the car, unlike most of the world. They are living well. Now Greedy Gunman only drives if he absolutely has to and rolls down the windows to conserve gas since the air is off. the kids are hot and sweaty but they don't pay the bills!

    Greedy Gunman wants to sell his house now and buy a smaller car, but so does everyone else, so there are no takers. He is stuck in his greedy lifestyle.

    Now the comparisons above sound like the Green Gunman is the smart one and hes doing good for himself and the earth, when in reality he would look like the greedy gunman to most of the world with his new car and air-conditioned house and superfluous trips to the park. So he will continue to downsize his life until he has/needs no car and produces much of his food/water ect. Its not perfect, but its a start.

    - Lone Gunman