10 October 2008

Qwerty @ Plurk


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    You know I am always impressed by the amount of cataloging you do in your life. Maybe its because I have a small child that I have next to no time. Always watching, feeding, washing, changing baby. At the end of the day I usually pop around the net checking out a few blogs, and play a few games/toys with Son. Keep up the good work, what would we read if you didn’t post?

    Nice touch on the conference phone, I hate those things… every office I sneak into to make a call has one of those and no “Real” phone..

    -Lone Gunman

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM


    Is this our future? Starting to look that way..

    Qaptain, maybe you can come up with a snappy cartoon about the economy..

    - Lone Gunman