13 November 2008

Veteran's Day 2008

Every year I hear in the news how few people turn out for Veteran's Day Parade. I was going to just call a Vietnam vet friend but then happened to see on 1010WINS that the parade would run until 3 PM. I had to wait for my son to do his homework and have lunch so we got there around 2 PM. Sure enough, unlike the Thanksgiving Parade where people pack the parade route, you can see that there were not that many people. Maybe there was a bigger audience early in the day. How about making a note to yourself to be at your local parade next year?

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  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Oh my God!!! Who let the British people in the parade? What is this country coming to?

    My forefathers killed a good many British people during the revolutionary war and I'll be dammed if I will go to a parade and watch them march by in their fuzzy hats!

    You know after looking at the picture real close, it looks like those Brits are malnourished. My ten year old could take em out.

    I guess it wont hurt to let the runts have their day in the sun…

    - Lone Gunman