16 November 2008

Walter Walter Everywhere!

Here's my latest ViquaGames HideNSeek game. I got a kick out of overlaying the word Walter, in various shapes and colors, onto a photo of the cascade at St. Anne Canyon in Quebec, from a vacation a few years ago. In case you don't know, Walter Wick is the photographer who made all those beautiful photos in the I Spy book series. Jean Marzolo supplied the riddles that accompanied the puzzles. At some point the pair went their separate ways and Wick continued with a new series called Can You See What I See?

I resisted the temptation of making the objects totally blend into the background. I find it very annoying when I play games people make that way. I consider it cheating. It is one thing to make the objects hard to find, but it is something else when the object is totally invisible because its color totally matches that of the background.


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  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    You know I had no Idea what a Shuttle cock was.. so I clicked the little bad-mitten birdie.. so I guess thats the proper name.. learn something everyday.. Hows it going up there? Hope you guys have a good holiday. I have been off quite a bit using up extra vaca days....

    Take care and see u after Thanksgiving..

    - Lone Gunman