22 January 2009

Calling All Newtown '85 Grads!

I finally found another use for Facebook other than playing word games and sending "things" back and forth to people. High school reunion!

I've gotten involved in planning for a reunion for my high school class of 1985. If you graduated from Newtown High School in Elmhurst, Queens, New York, in 1985, do check out


Note that this is not the same Newtown H.S. somewhere in Connecticut.

The reunion is set for 2010 but it is not that far away. So far we have only 45 members which I am sure is not much compared to all those that graduated that year. Let's bump that number all the way up! Someone already scanned in a bunch of photos and uploaded them. The reaction so far has been positive. It's nice to see how people change over the years and yet some features stay the same. Above is my own photo from the yearbook. Why the big glasses? To better see you, my dear child!

1 comment:

  1. My you looked so young and handsome :) I always enjoy seeing photos from way back when. It sounds like a lot of fun and of course, a lot of work putting together this event.
    I still say you look distinguished with the large glasses.
    Haa Haa,