09 February 2009


There is so much out there on the Internet it is next to impossible to keep up with the fun stuff available. Thanks to my Twitter follower Jake Marsh I learned about Cubeecraft.com. While the creation of Cubeecraft are paper-based, they are not origami as it involves scissors and other cutting tools. Still, perhaps because of the pop culture facet of the design, it is a lot of fun. I salute the designer Chris Beaumont for all the great work!

I decided to give it a try and chose Mario, from the Nintendo game, just because it is something my son would recognize. Much as I would love to use all the scrap paper I have, Cubeecraft toys really should be made with thicker paper, not your standard 20-lb office stuff. Using scissor is fine for the beginning, but when it comes to the small areas, an X-acto knife is ideal.

If you have the patience, give Cubeecraft a try. My first handiwork took me like about an hour, all done in one night. It is shown here atop my Time Machine network hard drive and next to a trackball, to provide a sense of scale. The pieces stay together without glue or tape, but are not strong enough to be treated as dolls, so they are good for display purpose only.

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  1. Very nice work Qaptain. How I wish I was talented and had the patience - well, Happy Valentine's Day from St. Louis, XOXO to my FAVORITE AND #1 NEPHEW in the World.
    TOTA - Big Auntie