14 February 2009

More Cubees

It was the evening before Valentine's Day and perhaps I should be making Val-09 ( http://www.cubeecraft.com/cubee/val-09 ), but I'm done with Valentine's Day years ago - it's just another day for the florists and candy stores rip the men's wallet. Instead, I made Darth Vader, partly to go with another project I was working on with my son. Just last week, for some reason son is suddenly interested in putting together the 3D globe that Aunt O gave him. It appeared difficult to assemble, but once you sort out all the pieces by number range, e.g. 0 to 100, 101 to 200, then even sub-sort the ranges, it was pretty easy. You have to go around the globe, but we are making pretty good progress. The Star Wars fan in me could not help thinking of the destroyed Death Star and I had to make a Darth Vader cubee to go with it. Eventually, I plan to make a bunch of Stormtroopers to line up as Vader march through the lines.

Darth Vader is my second Cubee. The first was Mario, of Nintendo fame. What scene can one possibly make with Mario and Darth Vader. How about, [heavy breathing], "Mario, I am your father!" ?


  1. Very nice, I had an idea while I was eating breakfast with the family yesterday.. wouldent it be funny to make a coloring book or even just a sheet, like they give kids in the restaurants with the co workers on it? totally like its for kids but with work scenes on it? Like color the qaptain as he manages Q trees. or a connect the numbers to make a GDCIO guys heaD?? ok im leaving now.. shout out to top of the arch, I have been so busy with work/family I dont get to follow you 2 as much as i like..

    -Lone Gunman

  2. Good to see your blog back to normal, for a few days your blog was blank, I was so worry :)
    Also, good to hear from the Lone Gunman too. I was concern that he did not write anything since November. But I understand he has kids, unlike hockey fanatic like me who has nothing to live for except hockey games!
    Keep up the good work with Cubees.
    Regards to the Lone Gunman and his family.