28 March 2009

Newtown High School Elmhurst 1985

My reunion committee has been relying mostly on Facebook, Classmates, and MyLife to find our long lost high school classmates. Well, really the ones with names that are not too common. Still, even though it is the year 2009 with the Internet being a part of many, if not all, people's lives, many people manage not to show up anywhere. Whenever possible, I asked people to use the personal connections they have with the old friends to make the connection. It's been over 20 years and while some people moved out of the area, their parents or other family members stay.

We are now making use of Internet telephone directories to find people. We do get lucky sometimes and some unique names would translate into a phone and an address. As I prepare to tell people over the phone where to go to join our Facebook group, I thought it may be easier to have them go to


instead of the longer FB address with all those numbers. If you know any Newtown '85 people, please send them there! Newtown H.S. in Elmhurst, NY, that is, not the one in Connecticut or in Australia.

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