02 April 2009


Without realizing it, thanks to ATPM, I've been drawing one cartoon per month so far this year. You may recall about a year ago I changed department and my cartoon production pretty came to a halt. Having no access to a whiteboard, my medium of choice at the time, was one surmountable problem, but lacking an appreciative audience was a bigger problem. I was physically separated from my fan base and in the end they were terminated altogether. I tried to get back to cartooning and thought making a New Year resolution to draw a 'toon every month would help.

What really helped was that ATPM's long-time regular cartoonist, Matt Johnson, needed a break. I stepped in to fill the void, in addition to my regular software review "job". Usually I try to make the cartoon go along with my review. Still, it was not easy coming up with ideas as I really have to have my heart in it to do the 'toon. This latest one I only came up with the idea on Sunday March 29 then finally actually drew it on March 31 - during lunch break at work. I brought a drawing pad, pencils, and an eraser to work and did the pencil sketch in the cafeteria - no interruptions from Plurk, Facebook, or email. It is good to be disconnected sometimes. Inking, scanning, and adding speech bubble (via Comic Life) was done at home in the evening.

Enjoy! If all goes well, I'll have 12 new 'toons added to my portfolio for 2009!

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  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    You know having an audience is important in life. We are all being so over worked and stressed that many of us no longer have time to make friends or time to interact with the few we have. I mean online sure, facebook, Orkut... many ways to see what others are up to.. But when was the last time you were able to go to lunch or visit with a friend/fan? I rarely get to do this. As a child I had to go to church each week, so I had a little group there and would go over the previous nights "saturday night live" skits.. we all grew up and scattered to the wind.. job wise same thing, last job I had time for lunch with regulars.. here at present, started out, but last few years.. lunch at desk.. so another time to socialize cut out of our lives..

    - Lone Gunman