06 July 2009

The Angst of Internet Oh-Nine

What do you do when you realize you spent hours wasted on Facebook and other social networks? You make the most of the experience by drawing a cartoon about it, of course!

I must say I am not that much into Twitter. While I did start out on Twitter I found the "conversations" there too messy. I don't see how people follow hundreds of people with Twitter. I only followed a handful and had to drop some people who tweeted too often. I still use the web browser instead of some fancy Twitter client so I don't see threaded messages. I prefer to see a variety of tweets, so if one person monopolizes my Twitter page, off he goes.

Plurk, on the other hand, keeps messages threaded so that you see both the original posts and replies to them. How logical! And no need to do @ and #, just address the person's name and it's automatically highlighted. I even use Plurk to update my FB and Twitter status now. You just have to watch your karma, a point system that probably doesn't mean anything, but fun to maintain. Don't plurk for a day or two and it drops fast, whereas climbing back up is measured in units of .01.

I also spent a lot of time on the reunion for my high school class, Newtown High School in Elmhurst, Queens, New York, Class of 1985. I had to sneak the school reference into the cartoon. Hopefully I'll snare a few more alumni.


  1. Nice, I just created a twitter account and subscribed to numerous DNA / geneology sites. I really enjoy the updates. But then these updates are usually links to new research or DNA stories that I enjoy, not things like, getting coffee etc.. My question is, wont Twitter kill Plurk? I mean I never hear about Plurk, im afraid it will go the way of Myspace..

  2. Twitter is over-exposed and as you found lots of them are just links with no personal attachments, which appears to be an advantage to for you.

    I think Plurk will be fine.