04 September 2009

Hopewell Rocks

For me, Hopewell Rocks was probably the best leg of the multi-destination vacation. Formed by eons of tide water slowly eroding the shoreline, the Hopewell Rocks are beautiful to see. I cannot remember the special names associated to the many rocks other than the many flower pots. Supposedly there were some resembling Homer Simpson and E.T. Of course, the Lover's Arch is easy to recognize. It was a bit of a stretch to advertise the experience as "walking the ocean floor" as it's basically walking the shoreline at low tide. A twitterer pointed out to me that in other parts of Bay of Fundy one can walk miles out into the ocean, but definitely not at Hopewell Rocks. It is still a good experience to have.

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  1. Nice photos, QQ, thanks for sharing. I like the rocks that look like mushrooms. It is always imazing to see rock formation.\, just like the Gardens of the Gods red rocks in Colorado. TOTA aka Arch