20 December 2009

Guess the Famous Movie Scene

Growing up in Viet Nam, even though my family was considered middle-class, I was taught to be frugal and make the most of what we had. I had enough toys to play with but I also made use of found objects. A neighbor gave me some wood blocks, probably leftover pieces from a carpentry task, and I played with them for so long the blocks became smooth. I also had small paper boxes for use as furniture and buildings. I don't recall ever throwing away toys or ignoring them after a few days of playing.

It pains me these days to see my son lose interest in his playthings so quickly. One week it is little green plastic soldiers, the next week it is building paper structures like Capitol Hill and Statue of Liberty. This week it's Thumb Wrestling Federation and its associated papery toys - masks, decals, belts, even a wrestling ring - but who knows what next week's favorite toy be. What to do with all the forgotten toys?

I don't watch too many movies but I try to catch a classic one every now and then. Or at least those that are cultural phenomenon or cult classic. In the photo above, I tried to re-create a famous ending scene. A shirtless man on his hands and knees pounding the floor. A woman sit on an animal that can pass for a horse. (I am not sure if the actual scene has the woman sitting on the "horse" or standing near the animal.) In the background, we have a famous statue somewhat titled to one side, somewhat hidden behind a mountain. Name the movie!


  1. "We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you. God damn you all to hell."

  2. Oh and Im sure my kids put yours to shame with their ability to obtain and cast off new toys...

  3. "TOTA got it!" What did I get?
    Oh Moses, look what those spoiled and ungrateful beings have done to the world!

  4. Oops, my bad! Salabencher got it! He correctly guessed the movie scene. Sorry, TOTA, you didn't get it. Must be old age that I misread the commenter...

  5. My goodness, Qap, how could you make such mistake? I bet Salabencher will not speak to you again!
    Salabencher aka the Lone Gunman = tall, good looking young man in Florida;
    TOTA aka the Hockey Junkie = short, chubby, no talent geezer in St. Louis;
    Don't get your followers mixed up (you don't have too many to make such mistake - sorry, the truth hurts ** hee hee **