31 December 2009

Let's Get Physical - Plan B

I thought with my exercise program my weight would drop below 200 pounds but alas here I am on the last day of the year and I am still right on 200 pounds. It does not help that as of last Saturday the arch on my right foot got really hurt. The left foot got some boil but that's skin level. For the right foot, I think some muscle or tendon, or whatever, is really banged up from all that pounding of the pavement. I also need a new pair of sneakers, as the one I'm using really wore away much at the heels. This Saturday will be exactly one week of rest, I cannot rest any more. Time for Plan B.

With the injured foot, I think I still can pedal. No pounding of the pavement there, so hopefully it should be OK. Of course, bicycling goes against my idea of simplicity in execution. Whereas with jogging I just need to put on some clothes, extra layers for the cold weather, a pair of shoes, perhaps even an iPod, bicycling will be more involved. Getting the bike out the door is one extra step. Helmet is needed - Step #2 right there. Air does leak from time to time, so I may lose some more time pumping the tires.

I actually spent some time this evening getting the bicycle into usable shape. The last time I used it was to attend my son's Field Day, back in May. On the way back, the left pedal fell off and I had to push the thing back. Even since then the bike just stood in the vestibule, taking up space and collecting dust. With Plan B in motion, I managed to put the pedal back on - the task is so much easier with the wrench of the proper width. Next I tried to pump the tires but I think I actually let the air out. The foot- and hand-pumps I have didn't work. Some Mechanical Engineer I am, cannot even get the tires of the bicycle pumped. Maybe the pumps are defective. I'll splurge tomorrow morning and spend the 75¢ at my local gas station. Rain or shine, I will be biking tomorrow!


  1. Dear Captain,
    The key is to find something enjoyable that you can do every day. I love biking, and to my delight, found a way to work that is not too dangerous. In the last 12 months, I've lost about 20lbs and am still eating like a pig. By cycling to work, I spend about 20mins extra per day on the commute, but on the plus side, I do not go to the gym and have not done any other exercise. Plus I've saved thousands on not needing a 2nd car in our house, and around 1 tonne of CO2 (not insignificant!).
    Do not expect results within 3 months, but after this expect comments such as "Geez, I thought you had some disease" etc, when the weight comes right off.
    Please let me know if I can be of assistance in planning the route (www.bikely.com is great). Also be sure to spoil yourself with an expensive bike. You will definitely get your value from it with gas savings.
    Go captain go!!!
    Kind regards,
    Edward Re

  2. Dear Edward,

    Thank you for your input - very encouraging words! I hope to have good news to share after 3 months.