30 December 2009

New Year Resolutions

Here are two of my New Year Resolutions, without words, can you guess what they are?


  1. I know, I know. The first resolution is easy, same as mine, organize photos into folders, occassions, identify who the heck the people in the photos are, where and when (slim and younger looking compared to chubby middle age beer belly).
    The second resolution is a mystery - either you plan to move to Texas and be a cowboy or to Philadephia and be a dairy farmer - you also take up smoking because you no longer are able to stand listening to a nagging wife (that could be my husband's resolution) or you want to tell the world "Don't have a cow!"
    Do I get any prizes?
    Happy New Year, Qap - Best wishes in 2010 and hope you keep your resolutions!

  2. Good guesses, TOTA. I will reveal the answers in a few days.