22 January 2010

Facebook Death

I recently found out a Facebook friend of mine died. I used to play Wordscraper with him. It was probably Scrabulous, which was the forerunner of Wordscraper before the Agarwalla brothers got sued by Hasbro. Not that it really matters to this story.

One reason I remember "Mr. B" well is that most Wordscraper players, in my own experience, are Canadian women. He was one of the few non-Canadian male players. Together we wasted some time playing the word games, chatted from time to time about the game at hand or other topics that happened to come up. I now recall that he had a pizzeria business and had an iBook. The last remark he made was when I played the word REBAR. He joked that he did not know that I was in the construction business.

Oddly enough, for some reason I thought he unfriended me, since he no longer appeared on my friends list. Maybe I forgot what his last name was and could not find him in my friends list. No harm, I myself unfriended people from time to time, whether for lack of activity or some offending status update by the person. Recently I decided to visit his profile and saw that someone had written "Rest in peace" on his Wall. Probably someone who knew him outside of Facebook. That explained the lack of activity. I think I started some games with him only to delete them because he would not play his turn. Re-visiting his profile, I found a few keywords that allowed me to Google for more info about him. It turned out he passed away a little more than a year ago. Time flies and Life is fragile. Rest in peace, indeed, Mr. B, though I hardly knew you.


  1. Good Saturday morning to you, Qap.
    Sorry for not writing comments on your wonderful blog - I noticed you have written regularly and I sure enjoy reading since the subjects are not way over my little head :)
    I am also late to congratulate you on your 500th post (or did I?) and 15,000 hits - must be senior moments - I thought I did but I didn't - haa haa
    You are so right about "time flies and life is fragile", same for cyberspace - I often wonder about the people who followed my blog and then just disappeared - maybe my rambling and cheesy photos bored them to death - ** heh ** sorry, bad joke!
    Anyway, keep up the posting - I will always be your follower as you are #1 blogger in my book :)
    Have a good weekend and a good next week.
    TOTA - Your faithful fan in St. Louis

  2. PS: Also, congratulations on your plurk reaching 100 points/karma. I need your help to set up an account so I could comment on your Plurk too.

  3. Sure, I can help you with setting up a Plurk account - perhaps that would be a good time to put the webcam to good use, {wink wink}.