15 January 2010

Let Us Accessorize!

Popcorn and soda to go with the movie. Case and headset to go with the cell phone. Flash drives and USB hub to go with the laptop. Accessories. You do not absolutely need them, but they enhance the experience many times. Since resuming bicycling a few weeks ago, I have rummaged around the house to find the various accessories I got for the bike but for one reason or another did not put them to use.

When I first took the bike out of mothballs, figuratively speaking, the one accessory I got to work was the bottle-holder. Adding an extra clamp made all the difference, I do not know how I lived with the twistie wire. Funny thing is the one time I needed a drink while bicycling the water inside had frozen. I am sure it will not be the same in the summer.

Mounted on the handle bar and is more useful is the simple bell. I do not go fast but it is still necessary sometimes to alert joggers or walkers when I need to pass them. Also on the handle bar is the headlight. I do not know why but the light assembly was not on the bar. Luckily I was able to find it in the mess in my room. Strange how the mind works. I just knew that the light was in a particular place. Good thing I was correct. Alas the battery drained some time ago. It seemed obvious to me that there was no way to replace the battery. Luckily this time I was wrong. A colleague pointed out a slot where a strategically placed coin would easily pry the assembly apart. Last hurdle was to find the replacement batteries. Up to today I did not know that N batteries exist - just plain N. Whatever happened to E though M?

The last accessory to be put on was a rearview mirror, a Third Eye bar end mirror. Again I had no trouble finding it but then I had plenty of troubles figuring out how to install it. Adding insult to injury, almost everybody on Amazon wrote that the thing was easy to install! There is already a small hole in the end of the handle bar, the screw goes into it but there is nothing to hold the screw in place. I gave up and took it my local bike shop. The person at the store proceeded to use a razor blade to cut away a portion of the rubber grip that covers the handle bar. In went the mirror end, now padded with two of the four rubber rolls that came with the mirror. So that's how it works, doh!

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  1. Excellent! Looks like you've been busy! I'd still recommend looking into putting some fenders on it, though!